Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pictures Galore!

I was sorting through some of my pictures earlier today and thought that I would upload some to my blog! I never take as many as I intend to...even though I have an iPhone. Ah well. Please enjoy looking at my photos from my YAV year so far!

Deep dish pizza!!

This is quite typical for us :)

Beautiful scene from the deck of our cabin on the Elevation Winter Retreat

Um...not quite sure why I was doing this...but the skyline is pretty! :)

We saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off at Wrigley Field!

That is Kiva under the bag...this is what happens when we try and garden

Me, standing in front of the cabin we stayed in for our opening retreat waaaay back in October

So beautiful...I miss the quiet and serene campgrounds

We celebrated my birthday/Thanksgiving in San Diego. This was a restaturant
that had you cook your own steaks! I loved it, but I think Dad was unimpressed.
Paying to cook your own food isn't exactly his cup of tea.

Rebecca, Mom and I after our Thanksgiving Day 5k

Woo!! Thanksgiving with the future Mr. & Mrs. Alex Hydrean :)

SAN DIEGO! I love this excited to be visiting tomorrow!

I am really excited that June is almost here! Tomorrow I fly out to San Diego and Rebecca's wedding is in 1 week! Now I'm off to buy the supplies to make their gift...I'm always leaving this until the last minute!

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