Sunday, May 6, 2012


I have very important, future-life-plans news! I was accepted to McCormick Seminary! I am very excited to start classes in the Fall. That's really the only information I have to update y'all on (in regards to seminary...). I am also applying for grants to help me fund my 3 extra years of learnin'. If you know of any grants, send them my way!

In other news, I went to my first Cubs game yesterday. It was really fun....even though the Cubs lost and it was actually pretty cold and cloudy for the entire game. I got the tickets for free (!!) from someone on the Youth Committee at Fourth. (Thanks Janet!) I took my friend Elena with me. She is a graduating Senior from Loyola. I met her back in September at PAWS. She is awesome and I am sad that she is moving back to Boston in a few days. But I guess I'm a Cubs fan now! If I plan on staying in Chicago long term, it was a choice I eventually needed to make. (Cubs v White Socks)

Today we had our sexuality discussion with the kids in youth. Kiva (one of my amazing roommates) came and helped facilitate the discussion. She works at a domestic violence prevention agency in Oak Park with the Teen Program. Specifically, she goes into the middle schools and teaches the kiddos about body image awareness, the dangers of sexting & dating violence, and more. The discussion went really well -- I was highly impressed with how well the kids handled the topic. I also had to make today's daily reflection video and had the kids work on it before we started. (Then I edited it much, much later...) Here's the link if you want to go check it out!

Then after Elevation was done, I bopped on over to the Angel's With Tails (AWT) event. AWT is a semi-annual event PAWS hosts downtown. They, along with other rescue groups in the Chicagoland area, bring dogs, puppies, cats and kitties down and take over the storefront area along Michigan Avenue. Well, typically they have it along Michigan Ave, but for this specific event Chicago asked PAWS to move it to a side street. I guess they have had trouble in the past with the sidewalks being too crowded. We were along Oak Street (mainly) today in the designer stores. It was a lot of fun helping out--even though it was pouring for most of the day. Chicago hasn't had many thunderstorms since I've been here, which I am not too happy about. (I love lightning!) But today the phrase "torrential downpour" would have accurately described the weather. Even with the rain, PAWS alone still adopted out over 40 dogs and cats!

Afterwards, I grabbed a quick dinner with a friend from PAWS and then headed back to Fourth to make the video linked above. For those of you who were wondering, it is 1000x easier to make these videos using an iPad than it is to use my laptop! You can say what you want about Apple as a company, but they know what they are doing when it comes to simple video editing software! I despise the "editing software" that my PC has. I'm sorry, but Paint has been the same since I used it on our old Windows '95 computer. You'd think eventually Microsoft would stop changing the look of the Office suite and instead fix up Paint! I just don't understand the choices they make sometimes....

Finally I hopped on the train and made my way home. Just in case you were wondering, the drug dealers of Chicago use the CTA to get around and move their product instead of just cars. I guess they're concerned about their carbon footprint as well.

**Side note about the Subject of this post. I started using the word "huzzah!" as a joke a few weeks ago. I recently realized that I now use it as a normal part of my vocabulary. I just thought I would update you, dear blog reader. Have a wonderful night!**


  1. Congrats! I'm sure you'll love McCormick, and I'm glad you'll be around town a few years longer.

  2. Congratulations on your acceptance into McCormick! It's a favorite of YAV alumni, so I'm sure you'll known others starting this fall as well.


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