Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Litter and Love!

KITTENS!!!!!!! Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I love animals! That is one of the reasons that I requested to work with animals this year. PAWS is an amazing organization to work for and I am so happy that it worked out! One of the many programs at PAWS is the Foster Volunteer program. As of this afternoon, I am a foster mom to 3 beautiful kittens!! I am so happy that it worked out!! I will have these 3 little babies for 2 weeks before I have to give them back so they can be adopted out. All I have to provide is the litter and the love. :)

Floy is the grey kitty. He is awesome. He was really shy when he first got out of the crate, but now he is fearless! Brock is the black one. He is probably the one out of the 3 that is the most scared of people. But I'll work on that! And Lorin is the black and orange one. She is beautiful and is a purr machine! She has already taken about 3 naps on my lap. She might be my favorite...even though I'm trying really hard to not have favorites.

Ok, now for some pictures!

Brock is a little camera shy...I'll have to get a good picture of just him! Ok, one more picture, then its bedtime. 


  1. I can't come visit now unless you promise to move them off my bed. :)

  2. Haha! I have a bunk bed and they can't use the ladder...so I think you'll be good. ;)


Thanks for your comment!! :)