Thursday, November 3, 2011

Worst Week Ever?

This week has been pretty terrible. This might be a depressing I apologize in advance.

As many of you know, my house has been fostering kittens from PAWS. Last week my roommate, Kiva, and I noticed that one of the kittens had an open wound on his head. Long story short, when I took the kitty in (on Monday) to see the vet, she accused me of burning him with a cigarette butt. Nevertheless, I did not do such a horrible thing and I did not enjoy being accused/yelled at in the PAWS office. It was really embarrassing to just sit there crying, and I don't think that I will be participating in the foster program anytime soon. SO TERRIBLE!

Then, later on Monday we were doing laundry and our stupid van's stupid tire decided to lose all of its air. Lame sauce. So yeah...the cherry on top to the worst-day-sundae. (Slight upside, we ended up getting the van towed and the tire fixed for less than $75) Also a good thing on Monday, we went to Feed, which is an awesome, totally amazing restaurant that has awesome food. I definitely want to go back there someday.

Ok, so the other terrible thing that happened this week was one of my housemates was mugged. Yeah. It sucks. I feel really horrible for him. And I am also now completely terrified of walking anywhere by myself. He was held up at gun point by 6 guys. So...the mood in our house last night was not a positive one.

Fortunately, while writing this blog post I remembered some good things about my week, which I will share here. I don't want to end things on a negative note!

I love working at Fourth Church. Seriously, it might be my favorite job ever. The kids are a little difficult to deal with sometimes, but I love going to work everyday. I've never met an employee at Fourth who didn't greet me with a smile and ask me how my day has been going. That definitely outweighs my terrible experience at PAWS.

I discovered an amazing (and cheap!) Mexican bakery right next to the 26th street PAWS location. And this morning I went there and my donut was delicious!

So, not a completely terrible week? I'm trying to be positive, but I definitely could use/appreciate your prayers.

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  1. Oh goodness, when it rains it really pours (unfortunately, not always in a good way). I'm so sorry that you had such an un-sunny week. :/ But things have been better and they will be better again. I'll be keeping you in my prayers!!

    Love you!


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