Monday, October 10, 2011

Denmark Withdrawal

I am going though some major Denmark withdrawal!! Ever since I noticed that Chicago is similar to Denmark, I can't stop thinking about my time abroad! Tonight I was the person who made dinner and I cooked Danish food. :) It was super delicious! And I talked some of my roommates into trying pickled beets. Needless to say, I don't think they enjoyed them. Which is fine by me because now I have the whole jar to myself!

I found a blog online today that has only made my symptoms worse. My Danish Kitchen is written by a woman who is Danish but living in the US with her husband. She has so many delicious recipes that I cannot wait to try out!! And she posted links to companies online that will ship Danish products to the States. I am so tempted to buy some kammerjunkere!!!!!!!! There were a lot of delicious things in Denmark that I ate and loved, but had completely forgotten about until today.

Oh Denmark, one day I will have money and will be able to afford visiting! Until then, I will just have to make due. Good night everyone! It is way past my bedtime and I need to get off the computer before I spend my entire monthly stipend on groceries from Denmark. :)


  1. Anytime I hear about Denmark I think of you. lol I was watching E! News (I know, I need a life) and they were talking about how the crowned prince and princess of Denmark were visiting the U.S. I think I remember you saying you saw one of the royals but I couldn't remember who...maybe it was the Queen? Anyhow that's besides the point, I just think it's funny that my mind automatically links you together with Denmark as if that's where you're from.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying Chicago! Also, I know this is a really random question, but are you subscribed to any magazines? If so, which ones?? I'm paying to much for magazines at the store and I'm starting to think a subscription might be worth it. :p

    Missing you!
    Alex :)

  2. *and by "to much" I meant "too much" haha

  3. Haha! Yes, I saw the Queen. :) It was at her birthday parade and she looked at me and smiled! Granted...she was smiling at everyone because it is basically her job, but still. And I'm glad that Denmark makes you think of me!!

    I used to be subscribed to Lucky, Elle and Allure when I was at Trinity. I should get back on a subscription because I love reading those magazines but don't buy them often from the store because they are almost 97% cheaper to subscribe!! Lol...I sound like an advertisement. I miss you too!!!!

  4. That's right! I remember now. :p You should totally be getting paid for that advertisement, btw. LOL


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