Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day at Fourth Presbyterian Church

I had my first day of work at Fourth Presbyterian Church yesterday! The church is huge and has so many people on staff! I didn’t know until today that Fourth Pres is the 2nd largest Presbyterian Church (USA) in the US. That’s pretty amazing! The church building is beautiful and covered in ivy right now. They just broke ground this summer on a new building for Sunday School classes and offices, among other things, so we are kind of scattered among a few different buildings. For instance, my office is in the mance, but on Sundays we will meet on the 19th floor of one of the office buildings nearby. 

I am working with the “Elevation” group (6th and 7th graders) on Sunday mornings and whenever they have retreats/lock-ins and fellowship. I am pretty much planning everything for the year, but I have some templates to start with. And I have Sunday School curriculum to use as well, which is nice. We are covering the Old Testament this year…they alternate Old and New Testament lessons each year so that by the time the kids get to the Confirmation Class in 8th grade they have a good understanding of the Bible. I am really excited to be working with everyone here—they are all really nice! My office is SUPER COLD but that’s ok…I was advised to bring in an extra blanket or old sweater for the office because it is usually pretty cold. My office is in the old mance and overlooks the courtyard area. It is really nice! I share the space with 3 other people, but I have my own desk and it isn’t crowded at all.

Today I brought an extra sweater and warm socks, but I was still freezing. I might have to bring gloves in? My hands were getting really cold. Maybe I should get a space heater. But I feel like those are dangerous and I don't want to burn down the 2nd oldest building north of the Old Water Tower! It is really crazy working at the church...I am in the middle of everything and surrounded by tourists! I actually remember seeing the church and the area when my family came to Chicago for vacation a few years ago. 

Summer is officially over! It is really windy and chilly outside. I am loving it! Not only because we rarely have fall in Texas, but also because my room doesn't have AC and it had been so hot that I couldn't sleep at night. The room would get to be around 87 or 88 degrees at night, which combined with me having a fever made it difficult to fall asleep.

I am getting settled in finally! I unpacked (mostly) all of my clothes and I am learning my way around the city pretty well. I am a huge fan of mass transit, so it is nice to not have to worry about a car. Though I am one of only 2 people in the house that has a valid driver's license, so whenever we need to go anywhere in the van we have to use I will be one of the drivers. I didn't think that I would be driving in the city much, so that is interesting! I actually drove on Monday. We all did laundry and took the recycling to the recycling drop off center. 
Tomorrow I have my first day at PAWS. Well, I have a 2 hour New Volunteer Orientation. Hopefully I can get started working there really quickly! I am anxious to find out what exactly I will be doing every day. I hope everyone out there is having a marvelous week so far!

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