Sunday, September 11, 2011

Book Sales and First Day of Sunday School!

I went a little overboard this weekend at book sales. I got 21 books this weekend. Whoops! BUT I only spent $8!! I don't really know when I am going to have the time to read 21 books, but they were such good deals and I really want to read all of them!

On Friday afternoon 2 of my roommates (Erin and Stephanie) and I went to the Brown Elephant which is a thrift store. They have a huge book selection and each book is only $0.50! (I can't seem to find the cents symbol anywhere...) So I got 6 books there, for a grand total of $3! Which would normally be a mighty fine deal, but then we went to a "$5 Bag of Books" book sale on Saturday at After-words. I was talking to the owner of After-words (I love when I get to say that because I really enjoy small, privately owned bookstores!!) and she explained the logic of the $5 bag of books. When the store buys books  from customers, sometimes they end up with books they don't want/books that were donated. The owner decided a few years ago that they should hold a book sale to benefit charity. So they charge $5 and let you go downstairs into the basement and fill up a bag of books! I went on Saturday with a couple of my housemates and came back with 15 books! I got a bunch of fiction books, but I also picked up some random business books and sociology books. Random, I know!

Today was the Kick-Off Sunday for 4th Pres. I was pretty nervous on my way into the city this morning but I had a lot of fun. :) I've forgotten just how small 6th and 7th graders are! I got to church around 9:30 this morning to help with the setup and then Sunday School actually starts at 11:00. Luckily there are helpers for the people in charge (aka me) so I wasn't in the room alone with 35 kids. One of the people helping out with Elevation (that is what the 6th and 7th grade program is called) has been volunteering for 5 years now. It was really nice to have someone there who knew the drill to help me out on the first day! Kat is my age and I think it will be cool to have someone I can call up to hang out with who isn't living in my house.

During Elevation this Sunday we just played get-to-know-you games like "Never Have I Ever". The kids really loved it. We also broke up into small groups, so I actually got to learn some of their names! (Now, if I remember them next Sunday that will be a huge feat...) Part of the Kick-Off Celebration was a lunch party after Sunday School. Which was nice, because I got to meet a lot of the parents. :) But they also had a bouncy house and dunking booth outside. And of course I was part of the dunking booth! I am really lucky that the weather was so nice this afternoon because I was worried it was going to be chilly! The kids absolutely loved getting the youth leaders soaked with water and it was actually a lot of fun for me too! When I finally got home this afternoon at almost 4:00 pm, I proceeded to take a 3 hour nap. I think I will need to remember to get coffee in the morning on Sundays.


  1. No such thing as too many books.

  2. 1) I agree with Thomas - books are awesome.

    2) There's a reason why I grab Starbucks between 8am service and heading over to help set things up/hang out with leaders at 10 - those kids have a *lot* of energy.

    3) I saw your video... it's a lot colder now

  3. ¢ found it.

    Also props for using the phrase mighty fine. It's very underused. And I'm so jealous of your book shopping!


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