Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sometimes Funny

I just wrote Kiva and Potts the most ridiculous email. Since I am procrastinating (I have to film a video for today and finish my academic writing sample which is due to McCormick tomorrow), I figured I would share my email with y'all! Kiva likes to tell me that I am "sometimes funny". There is some inside joke about it that involves her sister (I think) and a book on the Enneagram that her mom has. I'm not sure what exactly it all entails. I've have to get the details from her... BUT! I think it definitely applies to me. This is very typical of the types of emails I frequently send them. 

Oh, I guess I could give you some background information so you aren't confused. We have an AC window unit that has been spitting out water lately. Since I grew up in Texas and didn't have a window unit, I had no idea what the problem was. And I have been too busy recently to google it. However, I finally searched online for the answer and BAM! Just like that the AC unit is up and running again. Well, Potts and I had to fix it first. But then it was up and running again.

Ok, I will delay you no longer from reading the ridiculousness that is a late-night email from me.
Subject: Kiva & Potts, meet Pete & Anne: our trusty, dusty window friends!

Hello friends!

I thought I would compile all of my knowledge on the AC Window Unit into an email. Here is what I know:
  • Our AC unit has an air filter. Who knew? It was completely gross and black. But I cleaned it. According to the owner's manual (which I found on the interwebs) this filter is supposed to be cleaned every 30 days. I say we at least check it weekly.
  • Water is supposed to drain out the back of the AC unit, but for some reason, ours doesn't have that. So instead it collects in a drip tray inside. We will need to check this and make sure we are adequately draining it. At least weekly I would suggest we take the window unit out and let it drain. This is a 2 man job, and Potts and I have already done it. So Kiva, make sure one of us is there to help you! Put 2 towels on the floor to catch all the water that will inevitably come out of the unit. While it is draining is a perfect time to clean the filter! Just clean it with warm, soapy water. Then make sure it is completely dry before putting it back in the unit. I just sort of waved it in the air until it dried off. Luna got a kick out of it.
  • Water hitting the fan is ok...but it is a sign that we will need to drain the drip pan.
Fortunately, this has significantly increased the air output from our lovely AC Unit, which I have lovingly named Pete (short for Peter)...just I'm typing this. Pete is much happier now that his air filter isn't clogged with gross, black dust. He currently working hard to lower the temperature in the living room. Hopefully Pete doesn't break down again before you get home Kiva! I am sure he will be happy to see you. Now we know what was making him sick, we shouldn't have so many problems. 

Ok-- off to film a video for today and then bedtime! (Tomorrow I will be checking Pete's sister, Anne (short for Andrea) , to see if she needs to be cleaned.)

Yours truly?

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