Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Training at PAWS!

Well, I finally completed my Level 2 Kitty City training and my Adoption Counselor training at PAWS! As a Level 2 Kitty City volunteer I basically do the exact same things as a Level 1 volunteer aka whatever the Kitty City manager asks me to do. But as a Level 2 volunteer I get to work with the cats that are Level 2 cats. Usually these are cats that have bitten someone in the past or are just so stressed out being in the shelter environment that they are unpredictable. I also get a fancy green apron instead of the Level 1 tan apron.

As an Adoption Counselor, I actually do the adoption of the dog or cat someone wants to adopt. I had to go through training, shadow 6 adoptions and then do an adoption myself as a test (with a staff member observing). I took the test on Friday and passed with flying colors! :) Then I proceeded to do 2 more adoptions right in a row, didn't get lunch and stayed an hour and a half too late. Whoops! I finally just had to tell the front desk that I had to go home. I am really excited to have completed my training though! I have a special black apron for being an adoption counselor. If I end up staying in Chicago for Graduate School, it will be really nice to have a place to continue volunteering. 

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  1. You should totally stay in Chicago. Wooo black apron!


Thanks for your comment!! :)